Back Stage

Behind The Scenes

Village Hall

If your interests do not involve ‘treading the boards’ there are still many parts of amateur theatre that you would find most rewarding.

Lighting board

The amount of time you devote to this excellent hobby can vary from attending every rehearsal, to only being available for 1 or 2 nights during the public performances.

Sound speakers

You could decide that you would like to help backstage where we are always glad to welcome new members. There is always a need for helping in stage management, finding and looking after props, wardrobe making or fitting costumes, lighting or sound effects. The list is endless. We would also welcome any practical help in the time leading up to a play to build and decorate the stage set and for those of you interested but unable to devote very much time, our Front of House manager is always looking for any able bodied people who are able to help.

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