Archives – 1980s

Date Production
Mar 1980 Miss Letitia — 150th Production
Jun 1980 A tomb with a View
Nov 1980 The Noble Spaniard
Mar 1981 Quiet Wedding — 50th Anniversary
Jun 1981 Relative Values
Nov 1981 The House by the Lake
Mar 1982 I Have Five Daughters
Jun 1982 Escapade
Nov 1982 There Goes the Bride
Mar 1983 Murder in Company
Jun 1983 A Lady Mislaid
Nov 1983 The Blue Goose
Mar 1984 The Paragon
Jun 1984 When We Are Married
Nov 1984 The Sound of Murder
Jan 1985 Mother Goose
Mar 1985 I’ll Get my Man
Jun 1985 Spring and Port Wine
Nov 1985 Blithe Spirit
Mar 1986 Not Now Darling
Jun 1986 Murder Without Men
Nov 1986 Gaslight
Jan 1987 Puss in Boots
Mar 1987 Fish Out of Water
Jun 1987 Woman in a Dressing Gown
Nov 1987 Pardon Me, Prime Minister
Mar 1988 The Sacred Flame
Jun 1988 Boeing-Boeing
Nov 1988 The Bride and the Batchelor
Jan 1989 Cinderella
Mar 1989 A Friend Indeed
Jun 1989 The Edge of Darkness
Nov 1989 The Happy Marriage

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