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Summer production – 26th to 29th June 2024

“The Rise and Fall of Little Voice”  by Jim Cartwright

Directed by Judith Mason-Griffiths with Assistant Director Roy Stevens

In a damp, fire-hazard ridden house in Scarborough lives a lonely young girl (LV) and her overbearing mother, Mari. LV doesn’t go out. Her only friends are the stars who sing on the record collection left to her by her late father. By singing along to the records, LV unwittingly starts to impersonate and sound uncannily like the voices on the records.

LV’s constant singing irritates Mari whereas local lotharo and amateur impresario Ray Say instantly recognises LV’s talent. He takes a gamble on promoting LV initially at the local working men’s club but sees a glittering future for her and of course himself as the man who discovered and launched ‘Little Voice.’

Unfortunately not everything goes to plan in this bittersweet story but anyone who enjoys larger than life northern characters and hit songs of yesteryear will enjoy this show.