Meet and Greet Evening


Wednesday the 29th May at Ferring Village Hall.

FADS  are actively seeking new members to join our well established society. To this end we will be holding a ” meet and greet ” evening at 7.30 till 10.00 on Wednesday 29th May to introduce ourselves. So, whether you are interested in being ” on stage ” or helping behind the scenes in any capacity, we would love to meet you. Refreshments will be provided .

Anthony Marriott’s sister comes to see our production


The sister of Anthony Marriott, who co-wrote  “No Sex Please – We’re British” came to see our production and has since written to us with the following comment –

The team really put on a very good performance of the play! I enjoyed it very much, and the audience seemed to as well.
I have sent the programme to my niece, and she was very interested. Although the play is often performed, she doesn’t usually get any feedback from the productions. All your actors were brilliant.

Well done everyone.