Archives – 1970s

Date Production
Apr 1970 Devil May Care
Jul 1970 Lady Audley’s Secret
Nov 1970 Becket
Apr 1971 Midsummer Mink — 40th Anniversary
Jul 1971 Lady Windermere’s Fan
Nov 1971 Random Harvest
Mar 1972 When We Are Married
Jul 1972 Rebecca
Nov 1972 Strike Happy
Mar 1973 Quality Street
Jun 1973 Five Finger Exercise
Nov 1973 Time and the Conways
Mar 1974 The Irregular Verb to Love
Jun 1974 The Shop at Sly Corner
Nov 1974 Big Bad Mouse
Mar 1975 Bonaventure
Jun 1975 Angels in Love
Nov 1975 I’ll Leave it to You
Mar 1976 Something to Hide
Jun 1976 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
Nov 1976 Round to Square One (Written by a member Phil Cronan)
Mar 1977 Lloyd George Knew my Father
Jun 1977 Joy Ride
Nov 1977 Signs of the Times
Mar 1978 Night Must Fall
Jun 1978 The Day After the Fair
Nov 1978 The Rehearsal
Mar 1979 The Secretary Bird
Jun 1979 Midsummer Frolics
Nov 1979 Doctor Brent’s Household